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10 min   |   2022   |   English   |  Jessica Nipperess

After gifting a coffee machine to their father on Christmas, this picture-perfect family is thrown into the jaws of a horror-come-anti-drug flick as their dad’s addiction tears the family apart.

Director   |   Jessica Nipperess

Composer   |   Kyls Burtland

Writer   |   Sam Paine

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Playful, melodramatic and impishly entangled with cult classic horror, Devil Bean is a modern fable that plays with storytelling conventions and examines the strength of family bonds and courage in the face of addiction.

This satiric and bittersweet tale is the first funded short from young and emerging director Jessica Nipperess. While the film is in and of its own right a tremendous achievement from this 15-year-old director, we can be assured that Jess is just getting started.

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Jessica Nipperess


Jessica Nipperess is a 16 year old director based in regional Australia. Her films have swept the screens of Tropfest, Flickerfest and ACMI’s ScreenIt. After finalisting in Tropfest Jr (2017) with her film HUED, she was motivated to take her passion seriously. The following year, her film SANE placed third in Tropfest Jr. Maths of the Mind, Introspection, Monsters of the Mind were produced across 2019 - 2020, making the rounds of film festivals including ACMI ScreenIt, Stuffit and Focus on Ability.

Off the back of these award-winning shorts, Jess received a government grant to direct horror-comedy Devil Bean, her first funded film. Though she gains most of her skills and knowledge through experience and self learning, she is fortunate to have mentorship with Cadance Bell, and is also studying at Lights Film School.

While her brain is constantly overloaded with story-matter, life would not be complete without impulse buying house-plants and attempting to read dense classical literature.

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